(The Lord’s Prayer)
This prayer proves that

knowledge about the reincarnation

has fallen into oblivion amongst the monotheistic religions. After more than 2,000 years of religious wars, a lasting peace between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can only happen with the implementation of this wisdom about the incarnation of each and every one of us!
Jean-Pierre L. Schupp

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The Medallion of God

(God’s Medallion)

A Logical Biblical Analysis for Monotheists of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Other Religions Who are Looking for World Peace

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The Medallion of God
The Medallion of God

Monotheism is defined by the Encyclopædia Britannica as belief in the existence of one god or in the oneness of God. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church gives a more restricted definition: "belief in one personal and transcendent God. Monotheism characterizes the traditions of, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and elements of the belief are discernible in numerous other religions.

Jean-Pierre L. Schupp about Monotheismus.org

This book intends to bring people from monotheistic religions closer to each other. But the content of this book does not mean to insult any faithful person to any religion whatsoever. To the contrary, this book intends to bring together Jews, Christians, and Muslims therefore, the members of the three monotheistic religions who believe in the same God with the following thought: Would it not be better, if only for World Peace, to have one comprehensive World Religion? Those humans who belong to the three monotheistic religions believe in the same God, but they have constructed different religious paths for finding their way to the same God. Why should there not be a monotheistic World Religion where all three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are together, and instead of referring to themselves as “I am a Christian”, “I am a Jew”, or “I am a Muslim”, their believers would say, “I am a Monotheist!”

  • Dear Readers, For reasons of space, I have decided to write another book in which I will be able to deal more directly with the life and death of human beings and their spiritual home in Heaven. I also want to treat in more detail the themes “health” and “physical fitness”, and I also want to focus more on the possible structures of a monotheistic worldwide movement. Every human deserves to be reborn in a country which is appropriate for his abilities in relation to his spiritual level. I consider myself lucky to have been born in Switzerland, where there is still a direct democracy and where one is raised accordingly. Free democracy best suits the free will of each human. Dictatorships and anarchy profit only a few people. They are most useful for those in power who serve Lucifer, as free thinking humans prefer a democratic system and consider themselves happy to be born in a free country. But, this is also intrinsically connected to the levels of ascension as human beings. We have all lived through these levels of ascension through many human lives – from the starving poor human life full of want, to the human life full of hatred and fanaticism. You and I have lived once before through all facets of a human life which can still be observed on Earth. Therefore, we must be grateful for the privilege of growing up in a free country in our life today. But it is also important that we defend for this democratic freedom because it is only in a free democratic country that one can live the faith. However, there is a danger in this. Where democracies separate religion and state and do not support religion, a dangerous vacuum can emerge. We are in the middle of a religious war. The word “war” hurts just as it is being written down or pronounced. But we humans are on our way to lacerate each other up about faith in the same god. Who is right? Which dogma is the right one? Who is the leader? Power has the same effect on many people as being possessed does and many would love to become Ayatollah, Bishop, Archbishop, Iman, Cardinal, Mufti, Pope, Patriarch, Rabbi, etc. The political system of Switzerland is simple and could serve as an example for a new monotheistic form of society. Much more could be introduced in solving issues within monotheistic religions. The leading Rabbis, Bishops and Imans could meet each year as a kind of think tank. This would have to include progressive thinkers from each of the three religions. As described in this book, the “Medallion of God” (God's Medaillon) they could attempt to correct the translation errors in the Bible (Old and New Testament). They could reveal the intended falsifications, especially in regard to the Council of Nicea and Constantinople, discuss them, replace them and realize the changes. Bit by bit groups could form these three religions, which collectively would search for a solution which could enable all three religions to pray together to the same God and apply the same rules. After several generations of growing together, just like a political system, a group of religious leaders could be elected which would be comprised of Seven People from the three common religions (structured according to the separation of powers – legislative, executive and judicial). I would propose to adopt the structure of the Swiss political system in the new world church. Attention would have to be especially given to proportionate representation of each religion according to its strength in numbers. Just as it is in Heaven, the proportion of women and men within each committee of the division of tasks should, without exception, be fifty/fifty. Of the seven-strong religious presidium a president would be elected every two years who would preside over this monotheistic world church for two years. The distribution of votes, given that there are SEVEN of them, would always allow for a decisive vote democratically even if the remaining six were split evenly. As time goes by the religious notions would blend together positively in such a way that from the three current religions one world religion, monotheism would arise. In no way, in any statement in this book is it my intention to offend any person because of his or her religion or because of his or her difference of opinion about the meaning of life. Everyone is entitled to voice his own opinion and live his or her own religion with their free will. Furthermore, I am convinced that other world religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism can also be integrated completely. These believers can also find a place in this new world religion as soon as their religious leaders realize that the teachings of reincarnation are now also valid for the traditional monotheistic religions, that is, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In this way, those religions which are prevalently practiced in India and Asia, would join this great new monotheistic world religion. In the end, we would have only one world religion on Earth, and this could be the start of toward a joyful conclusion. This would be the beginning for mankind to attain worldwide religious peace on planet Earth and the fulfillment of the prophecy “AND THE LAST WILL BE THE FIRST”. This will be achieved through this new religion to God through the notion that Christ is King in Heaven and that Lucifer is King in Hell. This means that when the last one that is Lucifer also finds the difficult way from Hell into many reincarnations, that is, through many human lives – finds belief in Christ and God again and practices it – then this will be the end of our Earth and our Universes. For then, there will be no need for this coarse material world any longer. For then, Lucifer, too, as the last one will again return as the first one to his place as the first archangel in Heaven and then we will again all live eternally in our ancestral places in Heaven. In the end, the only thing that remains for me to write is;
  • “I am a Monotheist!”


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Jean-Pierre L. Schupp


Jean-Pierre L. Schupp

Born July 22nd, 1954, married, with three children, convinced Christian, and Monotheist.

A committed non-smoker and since 1998, a vegetarian. Business graduate and health expert.

Since 1968, he has practiced various forms of strength training and martial arts.

Since 1972, he has been active in the health promotion and fitness industry

Since 1997: Publisher of various fitness, wellness, and health magazines. Former owner of a fitness club, designer of fitness equipment, and owner of several trading companies in the area of health promotion

Since 1987, researcher of religions

2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 Strenflex-Fitness-Decathalon World Champion for the age group 50 – 59, 100 kg+ (age group 60-69, 100kg+)

Since 2011, book author

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